The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Trevor J

9 – I woke up, early for me during this quarantine, with the hope of going for a run before breakfast. For some reason, I struggle to get out of bed at home (perhaps it is due to my completely open schedule), so I turned to my phone to help my eyes get acclimated. An hour passed.

10 – I geared up, tying my laces and donning my oversized MIT sweatshirt, for the run. It was much colder outside with no sun and considerable wind. 

10:07 – I made it about three quarters of a mile before my legs started to experience considerable pain. No cramps or shinsplints today — a blessing — but but a sharper muscular pain. I slowed to a walk, but was convinced I could carry on.

10:20 – After alternating between walking and running for intervals, I decided I couldn’t make it any further. I gave up and turned back. My legs thanked me, my pride did not.

10:46 – I made it back home, walking the whole way. I took a steaming hot shower (undoubtedly only exacerbating the poison ivy I contracted running in the woods only three days earlier) which felt great. Muscles loosened up, I began to stretch, which was incredibly painful. 

9 – I lay asleep still. It’s Wednesday, only one class, and not until 6pm.

10 – I’m awake. My tea has been brewed but it is still too hot to drink. I’m eating; probably an English muffin or Corn Flakes. I stare out the window at the neighbor’s lawn. They definitely don’t like us.

10:07 – I’m still eating. Why are you checking in so soon again?10:20 – My tea is ready to drink. The first few sips are still a little hot for my liking, but it gets more temperate as I make my way through the mug. I return to my room upstairs; time for Insulin.

10:46 – I’m still in my room. I would like to be dressed by now, but I’m probably distracted by something on my phone. There are so many good articles to read on such a variety of topics, each I’d like to explore more in-depth: how do people do it?