The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Taylor M

a.m. to p.m.

My lazy mornings:

1. I open my eyes, but do not move because my body is not yet ready for that—the same as pre-COVID 19

2. Check my phone for notification; open up my snaps, but don’t respond because I’m too lazy—nothing much has changed since before this virus.

3. With a lot of strength, I get out of bed and walk with a zombie-like quality to my bathroom where I prepare for the rest of the day—this part normally came a little later at Salve, to accommodate my roommates sleeping needs.

4. I begin my descend down the stairs where my mother waits, excitement floods her as she now has someone to share her boredom with—I can’t tell what’s worse, school or quarantine?

My even lazier afternoons

1. I make myself comfortable on the couch, my indent from the day before seeming to fit me perfectly—I would normally be in class, but I’m not complaining.

2. I make periodic trips from the couch to the kitchen to suppress the slight grumble in my stomach—go to Miley with some friends; the food probably isn’t great, but the company is.

3. Eventually eat dinner with mom and catch up on what we both did, “nothing”—take a walk on down the road to rugby practice and sacrifice myself for an two hours (but at least I was in shape).

4. Watch a movie with mom (this became a welcomed routine)—take a well-deserved shower and look at the homework I have for the first time today.

5. Go to bed in my wonderful full bed after having already fallen asleep on the couch—fall asleep in my semi-comfortable twin xl.