The Poetry Shed

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Ava’s Ode to Quarantine

among the bland earth toned walls,
the sunken in brown couch
which wrapps the whole room,
the dimly lit lamp
with a slightly cocked brim
only making it more dim,
the dusty green ball that lay
under the deep red chair,
discarded by the dog
who found and shiny new toy
by the constant static of the television,
the same few news stories
my mom plays on repeat
because she never stays awake to finish them,
the smell of clorox
constantly burning my nose,
my cracked hands
from over washing
and lack of lotion
Only you:
can take away the things I love most,
the simple things in life,
only you can instill the fear
the irrational fear,
only you can tear families and friends apart,
only you
can cause this much isolation,