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Lindsey’s Ode to Quarantine

Ode to Quarantine
Here, among the letters of my keyboard
I talk, forgetting to click unmute
my lips ramble wearing
Hoop earrings, hair tie, blouse
on top—the tip of the iceberg 
Pink pajama shorts below,
Mismatched socks, two left feet
Out of sight
Surrounded by pixels 
Too small for the eye
Big enough for the brain, as
it misinterprets faces, 
2D faces, a congregation of pixels
as people
Only you can separate me
from my screen
Meld the pixels 
into reality
A glitch is all you are,
in technology terms
you are a human bug
and I cannot help but wish
that you
preyed on things 
with batteries, 
instead of 
preying on things
with hearts