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April 24, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

I hope that you and your family are staying well during this uncertain and worry-some time. I am writing to inform you about the launch of a product that will keep you safe but also allows you to support your favorite movie or TV Series. With all of our staff at home, we have been working on designing masks for every, single, movie and TV series on Nextflick!

During this time, many states have declared masks as a mandatory accessory. The people of Nextflick wanted help take this burden off your hands and provide you with an opportunity to order online with expedited shipping. If you are interested, we have updated our website. The next time you click on your preferred TV series or movie, under the summary there is a plethora of masks that you can click through and select.

There are some designs with the name of the program, your favorite characters and there are even masks with the lines of famous characters!

Upon the purchase of a mask, 5% of proceeds will go to hospitals and medical facilities, allowing them to purchase more ventilators and eventually renovations! There are also special deals for those with family plans – buy four masks, get two free!

From all of us at Nextflick, please stay safe and happy watching!

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