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Dear Customers of All-town Moose Memorabilia,

As you know, things have been hard around here lately due to the massive COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, and many people and businesses are suffering from the lack of products and production. I  know this has been difficult times to get by, and I  am wishing you all the best and to stay safe during this time.

We here at AMM would like to wish you all the best and we will be here for all of you whenever you need it. Moving forward, the company and I would like to announce that there are many ways to stay connected to our products for all your moose love and moose needs. Our original plan to launch a groundbreaking at home moose tranquilizer pellet gun was put on delay due to the variety of state quarantine laws and social distancing policies. However, I  would like to announce an innovative and more social product that will take the market by storm.

Introducing, Moose Simulator VR. Moose Simulator VR is an original virtual reality simulator that takes you into the POV of a grown 800 pound moose. Walk through the woods, eat berries, chase snowboarders, walk into a family’s home through the backdoor on the porch. and run right into traffic however you please! Whatever you do, avoid the hunters!! Moose Simulator VR will be launching May 8, 2020 and will give all you moose lovers the full moosing experience at your own home. This will provide a fun at home experience during the quarantine to help you stay connected to your favorite animal. Buy now and get a free roll of moose toilet paper!! Stay safe everyone, and get your very own Moose Simulator VR.

-Maxx CooperAMM CEO