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Shelter in Place

Mike G

Junior Year Quarantine

  1. I wake up to a disheveled room, a mountain of clothes that’s about to reach its peak a lovely way to start my day 
  2. A bowl of fresh honey nut cheerios awaits me as I walk into our horrid bright blue kitchen 
  3. I melt into the couch and try to cram in as much netflix as I can before class starts 
  4. I sit in on my virtual classrooms 
  5. A basic lunch is calling my name in the form of pizza or dino nuggets 
  6. Around this time I usually melt in my comfy couch once again this time it’s when we watch movies until we can’t anymore. 
  7. Assignment after assignment to end the day on a productive note
  8. To end the night, I always play a couple intense madden games that rile me up but with some lowkey music it always unwinds me till i pass out.

Junior Year second semester 

  1. I bright and early to a moderately clean room, clean enough so that my mom can’t be all that mad at me
  2. Peanut butter toast, honey nut cheerios, and some chocolate milk, the perfect way to start the day 
  3. Depending on the day I make my way over to O’hare to class for a couple hours
  4. A small cat nap a day is an essential part of my day each semester, I don’t know if I could handle a semester without that 
  5. Sports center is the first thing I turn on as soon as I make it inside 
  6. A  hefty dinner for me and my roommates always put us in a food coma 
  7. Homework, papers, and reading slam me from every angle you can imagine during the grind of the semester