The Poetry Shed

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Shelter in Place

Meagan R

A Regular Monday (Coronavirus Monday)
(6:00 am: Thanks, three hour time change, for hating me.
Perché ho scelto una scuola della costa orientale?)
7:30 am: Immediately get anxiety from the sweet, calming sound of my alarm.
(8:00 am: Writing notes until my hand cramps like it did during the AP tests.)
9:00 am: Try to speak a new language on the fly. Non capisco niente.
(9:00 am: I can’t draw people, but what else do you write comics about? Shoes?
Talking shoes?)
11:00 am: Writing notes until my hand cramps like it did—wait. Is there an echo in
(12:00 pm: See the sandpipers and seagulls not practicing their social distancing at
the beach)
12:15 pm: Book it across campus, arrive at Illustration at approximately 12:20 pm
2:45 pm: Tell myself I’m taking a nap. Do the metaphorical pile of homework.
(3:00 pm: Sit on the couch with the best sister in the world and watch nostalgic
4:00-10:00 pm: Bring said pile of homework to the basement of the Mercy Center
and continually ignore it for six hours.
(4:00 pm: Embrace my inner yogi)
4:15 pm: Stomach grumbles from lack of peace offerings
(5:00 pm: Stress relief baking)
(6:00 pm: This is too much free time right now, I guess I can read, or doodle, or go
for a drive and belt those notes I know are not in my range at all but hey, who’s
there to judge me)
(7:00 pm: Actually, I’ll just softly belt them in the shower)
10:00 pm: Try not to be murdered on the way back home
(10:00 pm: Yearn for a Disneyland churro as I watch more nostalgic television)
11:30 pm: Drift away in a heartbeat
(12:00 am: Fall asleep?)