The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Maxx C

Quarantine List:

  1. Wake up super late around 11 am(on days I don’t have class).
  2. Eat breakfast/lunch
  3. Check canvas for work I have to do
  4. Most days I’ll have classwork or class and I do that first thing in the morning.
  5. Once school is done I’ll play Fortnite with Brett and Kevin.
  6. Make a snack and watch Netflix/Youtube
  7. Stay in the house for the night and fantasized not being stuck in quarantine and being back at Salve.
  8. Facetime my girlfriend in the late night

Virus never happened:

  1. Wake up around 8/9 depending on if I had my 8am that day.
  2. Go to Miley for breakfast (Sometimes I can’t because of class)
  3. Go back to my dorm and shower
  4. Tues/Thurs go to your class at 2:15
  5. Rugby practice from 4-6
  6. Get dinner at Miley with the team after practice 
  7. Hangout with roommates for the night (Video games, juul, etc.)
  8. Girlfriend comes over for sleepover