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Maggie’s Quarantine Index

Average number of hours spent on my phone per day: 5

Average number of hours spent on social networking applications: 3

Number of books read since March: 0

Average number of white claws consumed every weekend since March: 12

Number of bottles of moscato consumed: 4

Average number of trips to the liquor store per week: 2

Number of masks acquired within the past month: 5

Number of times I’ve misplaced a mask: 3

Average number of orders placed through doordash per week since March: 5

Average number of those orders that were from Chipotle per week: 4

Average number of times I order from Slim Possible per week: 4

Number of orders placed through online retailers in the past 2 weeks: 7

Average number of hours on spotify per week: 42

Average number of days worked per week: 5

Loaves of banana bread baked since March: 6

Number of Netflix shows binged: 4

 Number of zoom classes attended: 28

Number of quarantine parties attended: 2

Number of times I’ve walked the cliff walk: 9

Average number of times I’ve driven on OD per week: 5

Number of sunsets watched: 8

Number of times I have rearranged my bedroom: 3

Number of times I’ve fallen off my razor scooter: 0

Number of times my best friend has fallen off her razor scooter: 5
Average number of times my best friend has cried per week: 3