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Shelter in Place

Lindsey C


  1. Look for motivation to part from my bed
  2. Leave immediately before gravity pulls me back to my sheets
  3. Head downstairs for a half cup of coffee infused with caffeine and energy that will be confined to my house anyway
  4. Pop open my laptop and search for something—anything to do
  5. Get distracted by editing old writing
  6. Give myself a “get out of jail” card to do something else
  7. Oh no, that something else is exercise
  8. …I should just go back to writing
  9. Force myself to do at home exercise
  10. Shower and get dressed for the day (Why? I don’t know. Its not like we can go anywhere)

A.M- Wishful thinking (What I would rather be doing)

  1. Wake up and realize it’s the day of the road trip
  2. Happily, leave my bed to pack the remainders of my stuff in a bloated suitcase
  3. Head downstairs for a half cup of coffee and to check my online homework for the day
  4. Have another cup of coffee of course!
  5. Get in the RV with my family and boyfriend
  6. Hit Dunkin donuts for a sandwich cause it would be open and my brother said so
  7. Start driving to Wyoming or Kentucky or Florida
  8. Adventure and sightsee—unafraid to be with crowds of twenty-five people or more
  9. Head to a restaurant for lunch (cause they’re open!)
  10. Optional making lunch in the RV while driving cause that’s always a fun challenge on a bumpy road


  1. Take a walk around the neighborhood with the dog and continue to walk in circles (note: stay six feet apart from all neighbors)
  2. Take an optional hike to enjoy nature and get away from the screens
  3. Head on over to play piano on my red Kawai and make up some new songs with old chords
  4. While playing piano, wish you had the talent to sing
  5. Get distracted and realize you’re supposed to be learning to cook
  6. Give mom a helping hand with making dinner
  7. However, if the markets are closed and you can’t cook, take a half hour as a family to decide and debate because no one can agree on take-out food
  8. Due to COVID-19, the place the family finally agreed on to get takeout from is closed
  9. Repeat step #7
  10. Since there is nothing good on TV, watch reruns of Live PD with dad

P.M—Wishful Thinking (What I would rather be doing)

  1. Enter a new state that is warmer than RI
  2. Get out of the RV and visit a historical place or landmark where you more or less look around rather than read the history.
  3. Upon return to the RV, break out the good old-fashioned board games and a deck of jumbo cards that would never pass in a poker game.
  4. Sit there as my brother beats me every time because the game “war” is just about luck
  5. Try driving the RV through a giant Walmart or Target lot with my dad coaching me
  6. Hang out on the roof as we once again, struggle to decide who wants what for dinner and where we will go
  7. Eat at a traditional chain restaurant cause some things never change
  8. After dinner, continue to drive to the camp site and set up for the night.
  9. Probably should check on homework at this point because I’ve used the excuse “I have no internet when we’re driving” for way too long.
  10. Plan adventures for the next day with all the greatest intent, only to change them around the next morning.