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Shelter in Place

Kylie S

Freshman Year Quarantine

  1.  I woke up practically falling off my bed because of my dogs taking up more than half of it.
  2. My sister Caitlin offered to make scrambled eggs this morning, which I initially turned down but quickly realized my mistake. The eggs were the best I’ve ever had, better than I could ever make.
  3. I take out my dogs every morning which consists of us walking around the yard for 10 minutes at a time. I almost burnt my toast because my dog Dallas was taking forever.
  4. I’m helping my mom remodel our garage so that my grandparents (her parents) can move in. My sister and I picked paint colors for the rooms. The bathroom is a dark blue, the bedrooms are a grey-purple and the main living area is going to be a jade-green.
  5. Every night, my dog Dallas cuddles next to me on a pillow and I fall asleep with my LED lights turned to a custom lavender color that I made myself.

I wish I was at school

  1. I would be spending my Tuesday’s and Thursday’s in Antone. Sitting upstairs on the blush colored couch while waiting for Creative Writing to start.
  2. On Thursday night’s I would be going to Learning Unlimited, a program for adults with learning disabilities and college students. I would sit with my learning buddy Carol and would ask how her week went and wait to hear her infectious laugh that fills the entire room despite the surrounding noise.
  3. I would walk on the Cliff Walk, waiting to hear the crash of the waves and smell the “red tide”. I would think back to a time when I hated the smell of seaweed but now can’t seem to live without it.
  4. My roommate Julia and I would stay up late until about 1 or 2 AM and have the best conversations. Our laughs so loud that anyone walking by might be concerned.
  5. I would go to my friend Gabby’s dorm room and sit on her bed while she told me about her classes for the day. We would banter back and forth until we both realized the amount of homework we had.