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Kaylie’s Quarantine Index

Number of my family members that have disturbed my school work: 4 Number that have done so by construction work: 1

Number that have done so by walking in my room unannounced: 3 Number of Strawberries eaten: 100

Average number of seeds on each strawberry: 200 Average number of strawberry seeds consumed: 200,000 Quantity of Ginger Ale cans drank per week: 10

Number of CBD drops needed to make my cat sleep: 5 Percentage of times that did not work: 60% Number of times I have painted my nails: 15

Portion of times my nails have smudged when wet: 7/15 Percentage of days I get ready in the morning: 95% Number of plants propagated: 9

Number of plants that have died: 1 Percentage of nights fully slept through: 15% Number of bowls of pasta eaten: 40

Percentage of bowls of pasta eaten that were ziti shaped: 40% Number of smoothies made: 30

Percentage that I dumped down the drain because it tasted bad: 5%

Favorite midnight snack: Frozen Yogurt Number of nights I have consumed melatonin: 15

Number of tears shed over online schooling: 100,000 Number of birthdays spent: 1

Favorite thing to watch: Netflix docuseries Number of stars gazed upon: 5,000 Number of Constellations found: 10

Number of clouds seen that looked like a sea animal: 15 Portion of those clouds that looked like a seahorse: 13/15

Total number of minutes spent staring at the ceiling per day: 50 Favorite passage from On Reading: Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolfe

Excerpt that impacted myself as a writer: “clearly visible behind the holes in the mask: pale blue and rawly red-rimmed…he breathed out a piercing aromatic smell”

Reason this impacted me: strong descriptive imagery and details