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Shelter in Place

Katy C

Pre-quarantine schedule

A.M. List

1. Wake up on the comfy bed in my dorm and light streaming in through the window, checking my phone first thing to see if I have any messages from anyone and to message my boyfriend.

2. Pack the books I need for my classes which are organized instead of strewn across the room, having nowhere to place them all at home.

3. Walk to our Advanced Creative Writing class, passing by the Breakers mansion.

4. Attend class with everyone in person instead of online.

5. After class ends, go to meet up with my friends for lunch in the dining hall.

6. Either go for a walk on the cliff walk with one of my friends, stumbling behind as he dashes across the rocks or go back to my room to do some assignments if I have work that needs to be done, eyes skimming over the pages of the book and pen in hand, prepared to underline passages that strike me as important.

P.M. List

1. Walk to my Harlem Renaissance class, once again passing by the Breakers mansion.

2. Attend class with everyone in person.

3. After class ends, walk to the dining hall to grab food. Eat with my friends if they’re there, otherwise eat alone.

4. If it’s a Tuesday, not a Thursday, head to the literary magazine club meeting in Antone with everyone in person.

5. When the meeting ends, I usually go to the upper floor of Antone where the pink couch is to do some assignments, plugging headphones into my laptop to listen to music while I read over the pages or my fingers type away at the keypad.

6. Either call Quentin if he’s around and while this part of my schedule hasn’t changed, we tend to talk earlier in the day sometimes since we’re both more free, or hang out with my friend to watch shows in the dorm room together instead of over voice chat where we struggle to hear each other and get screen share to function instead of freeze.

7. When it gets late, and I know I should head to sleep, walk back to the dorm and pass by the Breakers.

8. Prepare for bed and fall asleep, the bed more comfortable than the one back home.