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Justin’s Quarantine Index

Number of times I moved to a different house/apartment: 4

Percentage of those times I have done it alone: 100%

Number of Netflix series finished: 8

Percentage of series finished in less than a week: 25%

Number of runs I went on: 17

Number of times I went golfing: 21

Percentage of those times the courses was closed, and I had to sneak on: 46%

Number of eggs eaten during quarantine: 133

Average number of hours worked a day: 9

Number of books read: .5

Number of books I told myself I was going to read: 10

Percentage of days I wore the same hoodie two days in a row: 75%

Amount of times I acquired a sun burn: 1

Amount of times I have made and impulse purchase on Amazon: 3

Percentage that I have retuned my purchase: 33.33 %

Average amount of times I go outside per day: 3

Average amount of facetimes made per day: 5

Percentage of days I wish we could go back to normal life: 100%