The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Juliana V

A.M. list:

  1. Hear the obnoxious ring of my phone alarm enter my subconscious while I’m dreaming
  2. Smash the “stop” button on my phone alarm at 8:00
    1. At school, I try to wake up around the same time every day—8 a.m. Though I won’t have class for another 2-3 hours, there’s not much time to spend scrolling through my phone if I want to make a proper breakfast, get ready for the day, and complete a decent amount of homework before I have to leave.
  3. Quickly browse the news/any notifications I may have gotten to see if the world is ending
  4. Spring from the bedsheets and stumble into the bathroom
  5. Brush teeth, wash face, put contacts in, etc—making myself look a little less dead and a little more presentable before I sit in front of a computer camera all day
  6. Whip up a batch of pancakes overloaded with bananas and blueberries, or get a brain freeze from the smoothie bowl laden with granola and fresh fruit
    1. Breakfast is slightly less enthusiastic at school. I do try to eat a morning meal most days, but no kitchen at school means nothing homemade, so I alternate between instant oatmeal or cereal most of the time.
  7. Travel to class (walk from the dining room to my bed and open my laptop)
  8. Accomplish a stimulating activity in between homework breaks (ex: painting, puzzles, baking, knitting, or trying to re-learn how to play the violin and ukulele)
    1. At school, I’m exhausted by the time I’ve finished class or a shift at work, so most of my rest periods consist of lying in bed and watching YouTube. Anywhere from 5-8 p.m. every night I rotate through various club and work meetings. If I want to stay ahead with academics, there’s not much time for stimulating, yet time consuming, activities.
  9. Take some time out of my day to practice the “mindfulness” my therapist always goes on about, through yoga, meditation, or some other form
  10. Go for a walk if it’s sunny and there’s not too many people outside—if there are, I’ll settle for  a rusted chair in my backyard.
    1. Whenever I went for walks in Newport, it was a toss-up between the Cliff Walk (weekdays) or Ocean Drive (weekends). The only reason I’d avoid people back then was to minimize the chance of a tourist asking me how to get to The Breakers; I always clam up and send them in some backwards direction.

P.M. list:

  1. Wrap up homework at a decent hour, because everyone in my family except me is in bed by eleven
    1. Nights at Salve are a toss-up. Last year I’d close my books around 2 or 3 a.m. This year, it was anywhere from 11-1. That doesn’t mean I fall asleep early—stopping work and crawling in bed is one thing, but actually succumbing to sleep takes about another half hour, on average.
  2. Attempt to read for fun if I have the time and couldn’t get to it during the day
    1. Reading for fun? At school. Never heard of it.
  3. Self-care/pampering: lay on a brightly-colored face mask, do a whitening strip, or paint my nails according to my mood
    1. Every night at school I’d stare at my pile of sheet masks, but could never find the time to use any of them.
  4. Brush my teeth
  5. Force myself to complete my seven-step skincare routine no matter how tired I am
  6. Wind down with an episode or two on Netflix after shutting the lights off
    1. Most of the time my roommate would fall asleep before me, so I’d shut the light off as I finish work or sit in bed on my computer. This led me to stumble blindly to the bathroom in the dark, my punishment for not getting ready for bed earlier when I actually had the energy to.
  7. Fall asleep with my computer open on my lap or to the side
    1. I rarely fell asleep with my laptop (though it did happen occasionally) for fear that it would fall off the bed. However, those nights when I wake up with a novel in my lap, not having read as much as I’d hoped, and utterly confused because I can’t remember falling asleep in the first place, are inevitable no matter where I’m living.
  8. Wake up at 3 am, dried contacts glued to my eyeballs, and set an alarm for 8:00 the next morning