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To All Our Fré People Customers,

On the behalf of our company, I first want to say that I hope this email finds you all safe and healthy for that is always our top priority. We know this is a tough, unusual and unpredictable time for many, but we just want to let you all know that you can count on us to be a light in these days of darkness for you all.

Although we do miss your lovely faces in our stores, you can still find us online! Scrolling through our bags, new summer tops, and popular scrunchies may not be as enjoyable as trying it on in person but we are dedicated to making it worth it with our deals! Plus, we know those masks MUST be cramping the Fré People style.

Don’t waste another second on the couch doing nothing! Go online now and check out our new scrunchie packs! Too cute and so many colors! It is so important these days to make sure you’re not catching any germs wherever your quarantine allows you to wander. Go to the grocery store with that hair pulled back and tucked in close with OUR scrunchies.

We are thinking of you guys and can’t wait to be Fré People with you all again!

Stay safe,

Fré People