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Featured Five Star Writing: Year After

Five Star

Inspired by the intro to this podcast where everything from a gift card to a ball of yarn received full stars! Review the smallest lows or biggest joys: the blades of grass, the shape of clouds, a shadow, a meal, a bit of architecture, an object, a pattern, the et cetera and the stuff of your day.

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  1. (5/5)

    this is my pup cindy lu after finding out that she broke her favorite chew toy

  2. (5/5)

    Here is a picture of a park that i went too when i was very young and didn’t know much about the world. Whenever i am feeling inspired to write about various topics, i love too come too that park and sit on the swings which i had grew up on. Being in an environment that makes you feel happy is the best place to write

  3. (5/5)

    Always believe in yourself no matter what. This is the park i grew up at when i was a very young boy. I would come here whenever to write down my thoughts.

  4. Nothing captured from my day so please enjoy this picture of a cat birthday that my sister sent me

  5. (5/5)

    – Limited Edition Heart-Shaped Cheerios –
    Cute, fun, creative, and tasty! Highly recommend!

  6. (5/5)

    Dandelions outside the library
    Full stars, very pleasant shade of yellow, perfect shape, good location

  7. (5/5)

    The moon 4/26/21
    Very pretty, appears cool on camera but was much better in person, my iPhone was not enough to accurately capture it but still

  8. (5/5)

    They don’t usually get along, but here’s the two of them napping together and not fighting (for once)!

  9. (5/5)

    One girl, too many books: Monthly trips to Barnes & Noble (somebody please stop me)

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