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Featured Five Star Writing: Year After

Five Star

Inspired by the intro to this podcast where everything from a gift card to a ball of yarn received full stars! Review the smallest lows or biggest joys: the blades of grass, the shape of clouds, a shadow, a meal, a bit of architecture, an object, a pattern, the et cetera and the stuff of your day.

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  1. this is my pup cindy lu after finding out that she broke her favorite chew toy

  2. Here is a picture of a park that i went too when i was very young and didn’t know much about the world. Whenever i am feeling inspired to write about various topics, i love too come too that park and sit on the swings which i had grew up on. Being in an environment that makes you feel happy is the best place to write

  3. Always believe in yourself no matter what. This is the park i grew up at when i was a very young boy. I would come here whenever to write down my thoughts.

  4. Nothing captured from my day so please enjoy this picture of a cat birthday that my sister sent me

  5. – Limited Edition Heart-Shaped Cheerios –
    Cute, fun, creative, and tasty! Highly recommend!

  6. Dandelions outside the library
    Full stars, very pleasant shade of yellow, perfect shape, good location

  7. The moon 4/26/21
    Very pretty, appears cool on camera but was much better in person, my iPhone was not enough to accurately capture it but still

  8. They don’t usually get along, but here’s the two of them napping together and not fighting (for once)!

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