The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Emily Ga

April 1, 2020


10:00am- I roll out of bed to “go” to class; my back has stopped aching since I got home.

12:30pm- We take the dog for a walk. I say “we” because all of us are holed up at home now—my mom, my sister, and me. My dog thinks we are home for him.

2:30pm- My sister and I do an in-home workout video. I prefer the gym.

4:30pm- I eat a late lunch, if you can call it that.

6:00pm- My teacher emails me because I accidentally missed the submission time for my test. I am finding it difficult to keep track of my assignments online. Everything is confusing.

7:30pm- I slip back into old habits of putting my assignments off until nighttime. It’s funny how being back home has brought back my high school self.

8:30pm- My dad talks nonstop through dinner; my sister and I can’t get a word in edgewise.

10:30pm- I need to get into bed early tonight. Despite being home, my professor still schedules our WebEx meetings for eight in the morning.


7:30am- I drag myself out of bed and try to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I need to be quiet because my roommate is still sleeping.

10:00am- I study for French between my two classes and stare out at the ocean in O’Hare. Maybe I’ll get a bagel today.

11:00am- French starts. The boys behind me make me laugh. Adeline (the teacher) is not amused.

12:30pm- I get on my gear and head to the gym.

1:30pm- I eat lunch in my room before my next class. Miley makes my clothes smell greasy.

2:30pm- I participate in Marketing, knowing that we will get out early the faster our teacher goes through our slides. He appreciates the effort.

6:00pm- My roommate and I go to dinner together as usual. I get stir fry every night.

10:00pm- My roommate and I turn the lights off early. We both have an 8am the next morning.