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Shelter in Place

Emily G

Tuesdays at 13 Holland in Newport, R.I.


7:30 – First alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

7:45 – Second alarm goes off. Actually wake up this time.

8:10 – Get excited about using purple shampoo and conditioner, which usually prompts me to get out of the biggest bed I’ve ever slept in.

8:15 – Pick a playlist to listen to in the shower. If I’m feeling really tired, I’ll play Spotify’s “Have a Great Day” or my own “#Empowered” playlist, but if I’m awake I’ll probably just shuffle my “Liked” songs.

8:35 – Look through my closet for 10 minutes only to put on leggings and a sweatshirt.

8:45 – Debate whether or not to wear makeup.

8:50 – Put on Grey’s Anatomy or YouTube videos and stare at my face in the mirror to see if I can really get away with going bare-faced (I usually can’t).

9:10 – Realize I should probably eat something before class, which is usually just a protein bar. I’ll eat a bigger lunch later.

9:20 – Whoever’s car is on the outside of the driveway drives to class, so that varies. We carpool regardless (#environmentallyconscious).

9:30 – Women Filmmakers

10:45 – Stand outside of the classroom for my next class because the professor from the class before always goes over her scheduled time.

11:00 – Creative Writing (!!!)


12:15 – Drive home from campus and get frustrated at people who walk into the road without looking, even though I’m sure I do that, too, when I’m walking.

12:30 – Eat something for lunch, maybe soup or a peanut butter sandwich, and then snack on chips or anything else from the snack drawer.

12:45 – Lay in my bed and watch more Grey’s Anatomy while scrolling through social media. This goes on for much longer than it probably should.

2:00 – Reluctantly get out of bed to go to Global Media and yell at myself for accidentally putting an hour-and-a-half break in my schedule. More carpooling!

2:15 – Global Media

3:30 – Drive home from class. Not as many people are on campus, and I usually park in the back by the tennis courts, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting someone.

3:45 – Homework; I’ll usually start with Creative Writing or Global Media and end with Screenwriting or Psych. Women Filmmakers finds its way in there somewhere.


5:00 – My room faces another house and the windows let in no natural light, so I have no idea when it actually gets dark outside.

6:00 – Stomach growling distracts me from my homework more than Twitter, so I go into the pitch-black kitchen to make something to eat. Definitely stumble over the carpet or a left-out tray table at least once.

7:00/8:00 – Decide that the rest of my homework can wait until tomorrow. Climb back into bed with my laptop, friendship-bracelet-making box, tape, and a pair of scissors. I will lose these in my bed. I will find them before I go to sleep (thank God).

9:00 – Wash my face and change. Put away the friendship bracelets because my back hurts from leaning over them.

9:30 – Turn out the lights and aim to be asleep by 10. This usually never happens.

10:30 – I am too many levels deep in Homescapes or Word Connect to go to sleep. Listen to music while I play because the game sound effects are really annoying.

11:00 – Run out of lives in Homescapes or feel myself falling asleep while playing Word Connect, so I shut my phone off. I can reach it better to turn off my alarms tomorrow morning when it’s next to my pillow instead of on my nightstand. When I can’t sleep, I’ll put on a Spotify “sleep music” playlist.