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Letter from the Future

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

Summer 2019 is starting to come to an end, which is totally fine because it’s about time to hit the books again and get back to Salve. Being home has been nice, but school has always been your escape. Right now you’re really looking forward to co-teaching your first FYT course—it’s going to be fun! You’ll have a great class and an even better professor to work with. Also, you’re no longer living in the Young building this upcoming semester! That was a very toxic situation, but your new roommate will become your best friend and you’ll both excel in everything you do.

At this point in time you’ve listened to three audio books, all recommended to you by Francis teachers, and it’s really changed your opinion on audiobooks. This is good because it will come in handy later, trust me. Who knew audiobooks and yard work were a perfect match! You’re also still helping with Grammar Camp. Every morning you’re waking up early and enjoying your drives while blasting the album “Reputation” by Taylor Swift. It’s been out for a while now, but it’s still a solid choice. The last big thing you did before going back to campus was register for the Praxis exam. I know you cried on the first day of classes because you were so stressed, but for what it’s worth, you passed. Maybe try being a little easier on yourself in the future?

It’s currently April 2020 and this month has been tough on you so far. You’re still trying to accept that you’re moving back to Florida soon, it’s been 9 years since dad died, and the major thing is the epidemic. Listen, this sickness, Corona virus, it’s no joke and it’s going to hit you with waves of emotions. Believe it or not, you’re genuinely not afraid of catching the virus. You’ve never been one to fear death, not since you were thirteen. What’s going to get to you are the news channels reporting every day a new body count and all the chaos. All of that death and sadness will try to consume you, but you’ll be fine, I promise. Continue to pray and check-in with your friends and family—they will bring you comfort.

You know how your junior year of high school was your pivotal year? Well same goes for college—you’ve got this though. Since COVID-19 practically shut down the entire world you’re finishing up your spring semester at 1167 Oakton Lane. Your new schedule with online classes isn’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, you miss Salve a lot! This experience has shown you just how much you have grown to love that place, the same place you debated leaving a year ago. You’ll have a new-found appreciation for your education experience and the community of people you have surrounded yourself with.

Here are a couple of tips to help you better prepare for quarantine. I know you hate not having stability, so here are a couple of things for you to organize to keep yourself busy. First, go through your inbox already! Once your emails are taken care of, you’ll feel more at ease. Second, keep your room clean. You’re going to be spending hours a day doing homework and attending classes in the room so make your space organized. Also, you know how you always walk past Bath & Body Works at the mall? Well get yourself in there and buy those cute and fancy hand sanitizers—they will be useful! The last piece of advice I have is to remember to get enough sleep and eat healthy. By the way, your mile time has improved; way to go! I wish I could tell you how you did that, but I have no clue.


The One Who Persevered