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Letter from the Future

Dear Olivia

Dear Olivia,

I apologize for the inconvenience of the timing of this letter. I know you’re always busy in August, getting ready for your season to start. This will be your last summer cut early and I’m sure you’re feeling bittersweet about that. I’m sure you’re on your way to work or just got home. I hope you’re changing out of your ugly work uniform and headed to meet your friends for drinks after your long day. You deserve a few beers for all of those 10 day stretches of work you’ve been going on. This has been one of the most fun summers of your life, and one that you will surely remember when you’re old. These are the good times, so please soak them in.

I can’t believe that you’re about to start your senior season and school year pretty soon. It really flew by. I know you said you were thinking about not playing field hockey this year, but I’m really glad you are because you definitely would have regretted not playing. When you told me you weren’t playing I knew that was a lie… you were going on runs almost every day and I knew deep down you were training for it. I’m sorry you had to miss your family vacation. You’re starting to get the taste of the real world, and I know it sucks but you’re more ready for it than you believe.

I can’t tell you what yet, but I am writing to you because I need to warn you about some obstacles you are going to have to prepare for in this coming year. Brace yourself, because there are going to be some unimaginable changes to your life. First while you can, go out with your friends, connect with them, and hug them a little tighter because you might not be able to see some of them for quite some time. Now remember how much you long for change and keep that in the back of your mind. You are always fairly good about seeing the silver linings in things so try to spread that, too. Go home to see your family while you can, because after a while you might not be able to so easily. Live in the now and be present, because if you take things for granted now you are surely going to regret it.

This year there is going to be a time when you must remain still. Make a list of everything you tend to put off, are too scared to tackle, or emotions you need to deal with. You are constantly so busy and I know you use that as an excuse, but this obstacle coming will give you the time and space to take care of everything you’ve been meaning to, so get organized now. I also know that lazy time can scare you, and you can get in your own head sometimes which makes you anxious, so be sure to stock up with things that make you happy. Get a recipe book, some painting supplies, and good books, I know those always help you calm down. Be patient and look on the bright side, I know you’ll be fine! Be thankful, some are less fortunate and won’t have the blessings you will during this time.

Talk soon,