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Letter from the Future

Dear Meagan

Hey Meagan,

            It’s currently a year in the future, which makes me more knowledgeable than you, so don’t be so stubborn and listen up. There’s going to be a huge virus pandemic starting its effect on your life in March, and your only contact with the outside world will be with the sandpipers on the beach when you take your daily walk with Mom. Otherwise, it’s indoors and out of sight. I know what you’re thinking, Future Meagan, that sounds wonderful! I’ve been waiting all my life for a life like that! Fear much, past self, fear much. You know that feeling you’re having right now as you read this, as you’re thinking about what the summer that lays at your feet is harboring? That feeling of longing and hopelessness? That’s what you’ll feel at the end of March as you have to pack up your life in a night at Salve and bring a 50-pound carry on filled with textbooks across the country. That’s how you’ll feel as you try your hardest to carry on in art classes over the computer. That’s what you’ll feel as you roll out of bed at 5:59am because time zones are the enemy.

            But this feeling doesn’t belong in your summer. Even now, I wish for those long days and bonfire nights, praying to every god who will listen for them to not be cancelled. Past Meagan, here’s some free advice: don’t wait around for the Color Me Mine dude to call back, because he’s not going to. Don’t let Dad give you any crap about it either. Text some high school buddies about hanging out, and when they don’t respond, hey, at least you tried. Hell, say you love someone to their face. Throw anxiety out the window and wave at its reflection in the mirror. By August, I know you’ll be more hopeful than ever, and you must remember that—hope lasts. I know that sounds straight out of a Disney movie, but that’s just how we roll. Speaking of, GO TO DISNEYLAND. AS. MUCH. AS. POSSIBLE. Disney Plus is helping right now, but it’s just not the same. If anything, do this one favor for me.

            I’ve said too much already, but I have one last request. Please, enjoy the weekend in Fresno with Nani and Popi, because you won’t see them after the summer for a while. Give them a big hug from me.

Your pal, Future Meagan