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One Year Later

Dear Lindsey

Dear Lindsey,

You’ve been waiting for 2020. Everyone has. But what no one knows is to come. It’s called COVID 19, a virus that will take over the world and everything as you know it. Masks won’t be just for skiing and robbing banks anymore, and hugs will be lethal. You’ll avoid it for a long time. You may even think you’re immune. But on your 20th birthday, the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life, the one that is magically supposed to turn you from teen adult, the one that is supposed to erase all your worries and anxieties, you’ll get an unexpected and unwanted gift. Stay inside and stay calm and let your body rest to fight COVID 19. I know you’ll be disappointed and nervous, but it’s okay. It’s been a stressful semester—the most stressful and testing semester of your life. You thought COVID would be a way to enjoy being home for a bit, but instead, it made your worst fears and anxieties surface, alongside the constant doses of homework. You’ll hit your breaking point with all of it. But you’ll get through, as you do. As you do. Your motto for this year is “I don’t know” because with all this questioning and hesitation, no one seems to know anything. Including you. It’s okay. No one knows. Have faith in something, anything—from a person, to having faith that your alarm clock will wake you. Just have faith. Find something and grip it tight. As you do.