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Dear Justin

Dear Justin,

It’s Friday, you are probably already up early at work. Even though you probably hate life because you are sweating your ass off, you are looking forward to going out with your friends tonight, after you go to the gym. Well it may seem like another day for you, enjoy it. enjoy being to work, enjoy being able to go out, and enjoy being able to be around people. It is 2020, and all we talk about is this new virus, COVID-19. At first no one knew how serious it was so we all joked, and almost booked vacations because they were so cheap. Everyone walks around now wearing masking and gloves, and the only businesses that are open are the ones that were deemed essential by the government. It is a scary time. I was supposed to live and work in Newport during the summer but who knows now. Dad and mom both work in the hospital, so I am scared they might get the disease. The economy is shot, and the unemployment rate it at an all time high. No one can attend school; it is all online. It is a scary time, and every one’s lives are basically at a stand still until this all blows over. The scariest part is that no one knows when it will all end, because we have never seen anything like it. You cannot do anything to prevent this, all I would say is wash your damn hands and don’t take anything for granted, even the small things in life.

From your boy,