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One Year Later

Dear Julian

Letter to the future

You don’t know it yet, but the whole world is going to change very soon. Families won’t be able to see each other anymore, millions of people will unfortunately pass away, and fear is going to be as prevalent as ever. Among the bad things in the world there are always going to be some positives. You are going to meet someone special and will grow close to them as time goes on. You will learn to not be as dependent of people and become more independent. You will learn this the hard way I’m afraid but is something that needs to happen.

You will also grow closer to your family and stay in touch with them. Almost as if it was a sign to stay connected and for families to work together again. You don’t know it yet, but you are going to learn a lot about yourself and discover some of the things you are truly passionate about. You will learn to be more patient and to think more deeply about things. School will inevitably continue and although you don’t give certain classes the attention they need, you will learn that it’s important to do your best.

You will rediscover how much your family means to you and how much you want to see them despite being unable too. It will make you want to do the best you can for them because you’ll never know if it’s the last time, you’ll see them. You don’t know it yet, but although the coming year will be a total surprise and catch you off guard. There is a lot to learn from it and is an important experience that needed to happen. It will be a tough journey, but I guarantee you that you’ll come out of it ok, and just remember that time does help heal no matter what you think at the moment. Do your best!