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One Year Later

Dear Henry

Hey Henry,

How are you? A little bit strange, you know, writing to you. Or do I mean writing to me? I feel like writing to one’s past self is almost like writing to someone completely different. Anyways, hope you are well. You are probably enjoying your summer vacation. Most likely relaxing at our aunt’s house, waiting to hear news of whether you can fly back to Panama. You probably are not aware of this, but you won’t be able to fly back home. It was nice to be hopeful, but not being able to go home was all for the best. It will save us from a lot of stress, especially being able to fly back to Newport for the Fall semester. Enough of that though, my main reason for writing is to let you know of the crazy year you are about to experience. The pandemic is starting, but after talking to friends you may start thinking that it will be done by the Fall. Word of advice, don’t. You are about to have a very memorable year, to say the least. Upon returning to Salve, everything will be different. It is going to be a while before we get to see our family and friends. This is all ok, we will see them soon enough. This year will make you better prepared to face adversity in the future. It may all seem like a bad year, but believe me that it is not. That is another reason that I am writing to you now. On this day, April 20th, 2021, I look back at one year ago. I look back at you, the Henry of a year ago, and am telling you the following. The year that you are about to have is going to be amazing. Sure, there will be

downfalls, but you will also find many things about us we didn’t know about. Overall, that is the beautiful thing about life, isn’t it? The rollercoaster of enjoying and enduring life. That is what ultimately makes life worth living. But enough about that, you will soon find out for yourself what I mean by that. Now, I believe that I have taken enough out of your time.

Wishing us all the best,

Present Henry Ford