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One Year Later

Dear Brendan

Dear 2020 Brendan,

First off, I would like to start out by saying that you will be going through a battle of anxiety and depression. I understand that is a terrible note too start on but the good thing is that you will learn from these experiences and become stronger than you have ever been in your entire life. During this virus it seems weird to say now but you will be stuck inside your house and mind for months because all of the world is not allowed to go outside due to this new virus called Covid 19. You will be stuck in your mind of anxiety for a while and unfortunately you will lose a lot of people in your life due to overthinking. Fortunately, you will later find out that the people you have lost in your life were not the people you should be hanging out with and they will be like leaves on a tree, they fall from the tree during the dark times of winter and grow back in the beautiful times of spring. Your mind set will grow stronger and more beautiful than ever. You will learn that people in your life can be two things. If you hang out with the wrong crowd it could be like a disease, killing you on the inside and out. But, if you hang out with the right crowd of people, it’s like medicine, healing your pain and making your mental health as healthy as possible. I’m not going to try and butter this journey up for you because it will be hard, 2020 will be the hardest year of your life but I want you to know to never give up because soon you will break out of your shell and become the best you that you can be!