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Letter from the Future

Dear Bobby

Dear Bobby,

What I would do to let you know how lucky you are right now. I know you’re probably shooting hoops in the driveway or sitting inside enjoying the A/C, but listen to me. Go hang out at Jake’s, go swimming, take car rides with Cam along the beach, and see the people you want to see because a year from now that will be impossible. You cannot wait to hang with high school friends next year, but due to the shelter in place that’ll need to be done virtually. You cannot wait to spend time on the beach with all of your buddies, but COVID-19 will keep the beaches closed. You’re anticipating to spend time with Nanny, but she’s in her late 70s and, well, is quarantined, so you cannot see her. You’re afraid of the hawk that is perched up about 300 feet above our house and is ready to plummet down at you, but that will be the least of your problems next year. Right now, I’d kill to be in your shoes. You have all of the freedom in the world, and I am itching to see all of the people I care so deeply about. I am angry at our government and foreign neighbor China for completely dismantling our country. I long to see sports on TV again and to play them myself, but that reality is far from the present. You have it now, but just you wait. Your perception of reality will drastically change a year from now, so here is my message to you: Cherish your life and the time you have with friends, because the way things are now will not be the same in a year.

Good Luck,