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One Year Later

Dear Bella

Dear Bella,
I can honestly say that this year has been so stressful, but has been pretty great as well. We are
currently in April of 2021 and the pandemic is still happening. I know you were excited about
summer traveling and going to concerts in the summer of 2020, but unfortunately, it’s not able to
happen. You don’t know it yet, but you are about to have a very crazy, memorable summer, with
boat trips with your close friends and going to drive-in movies! Even without traveling, you are
going to meet some of the most amazing people when you start at Salve Regina in the fall!
Unfortunately, you are no longer in a relationship, but that’s not an entirely bad thing! You don’t
know it yet, but you and your ex-boyfriend are on great terms. At Salve Regina, the shy girl that
you are now has come out of her shell and you are experimenting with your style and personality.
You should be proud of your (future) self! You also quit your job in your hometown because you
were too busy with school and wouldn’t have time to work. You also decided to stay home for
the last semester of your freshman year at college because you weren’t happy in a dorm by
yourself since your roommate also stayed home that semester, and it was definitely the right
choice for you. You are going to go to Newport this coming weekend (April 24th) to pick up the
things you left in your room and to see all of your amazing friends!
You don’t know it yet, but you have an adorable new puppy named Cindy Lu, and she is the
cutest, sweetest, most playful dog ever. You call her “sissy” because she’s like your sister and
you play with her all the time. You are also the only person that she will give kisses to and she
cuddles with you on your bed too! You’ve also binge-watched at least six TV shows and are
currently trying to watch all of the Disney Channel Original Movies.
There’s also a vaccine for the Coronavirus now! You have had both doses, so that’s really
exciting! You have some fun plans for the summer and for the fall 2021 semester. You are going
to be going on a little beach vacation with your best friend and are also going to be rooming with
two of your best friends from college next semester! You tend to get very stressed out about
school now, so soak in the stress-free online high school curriculum that you have now in March
You don’t know it yet, but unfortunately, your maternal grandfather passed away from
Coronavirus. This hit your mom pretty hard, but she was able to reconnect with her sister
through all of it, and now they have an unbreakable bond. She lives in Long Island, New York,
and you spent New Year’s Eve there with her and your family. You have seen your family the
most this year compared to other years and are taking advantage of being home for the semester.
Continue to be grateful for all those around you, because you never know what could happen.
I love you so much and please, don’t take life too seriously!
With love,