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Dear Ava

Dear Ava,        

All of this quarantine stuff has been kind of crazy. Last summer you were a counselor at the barn doing pony camp which you have been doing for pretty much every summer your whole life. You were hanging out with your friends and being able to go pretty much anywhere with complete freedom because you could finally drive. You were going to the barn everyday and being around your friends all day long. You were going out to eat with our family and it was so nice because it was one of the few times everybody got along. You were playing tennis with your dad which was so nice because that is really the only thing we do together. Adjusting to this has been very hard, everything that you touch you have to think about if its clean, my mom wont let me and my sister eat anything out because she is worried it will be contaminated, I not allowed to see my boyfriend if we are not outside and six feet apart, the barn is still open but it is such a hassle from all the stress of going out that I don’t often go. The worst part is feeling so isolated and fearful of everyone around you. If I had to give you any advice it would be to never complain about anything. I never knew how much I would miss pony camp, riding, hanging out with friends, being able to go to places like the beach, or even the little stuff like getting coffee or going out to eat. Another thing I would say is don’t complain about school or going to classes because I never realized how much I enjoyed going to class now that it’s not there.