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Letter from the Future

Dear Anjali

Dear Anjali,

I know you’re busy having the best summer of your life right now. Biking 10 miles a day with your summer camp kids and working the Newport farmers markets. Getting home and going to the bars or on adventures with Amira, Rachel, Joe and Jamie. Surfing before the sun has fully risen and constantly having sand between your toes throughout the day. Ahhh I’d do anything to be back in those sandy shoes. You see, I’m writing you from the day 04/06/20 and well, the world looks a little different. Instead of finishing up my last semester of college on a high note, I’m finishing it up online, from home. I haven’t seen my closest friends in a while and I’ve had to say goodbye to college a whole lot earlier than expected. I no longer have a room at my house in New Jersey and Aunt Sandy just died yesterday. Honestly, there’s not much I want to tell you to do differently– just continue living life in the moment, telling everyone you love that you love them, and soaking up every bit of the freedom you currently have in your grasp. Remember that you’ve got whatever the universe throws at you and you have so much to be grateful for always!

Much love xxx
Future Anjali