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One Year Later

Dear Ally

Dear Ally,

You don’t know it yet, but soon you’ll be so surrounded by love it will consume you. I know you feel lonely right now, I know he’s a hundred miles away and you don’t know when you’ll see him next, but soon you’ll be falling asleep next to him every night. I know you feel lost, but soon you will have paved the way for your future. You’ll finally make it to the city you’ve loved since you were a child. I know you’re worried about getting into Emerson, and don’t worry, you do. And I know you’re worried about losing him, but don’t worry, you won’t. He also got into a great school in your favorite city and would do anything to be with you. Take a minute to look around your room, it should be finished by now. Appreciate it, because soon, each time you sleep there will be closer to your last. Enjoy the summer seeing your friends in Connecticut, even though you don’t get to see them very often and you have to wear masks or social distance, appreciate them. You don’t know it yet, but that was your last summer at home with them. I know you feel like you don’t have a lot of good people in your life, even though you actually have a lot more than you think, and those three girls are three of the best you’ll ever meet. You don’t know it yet, but soon you’ll have four more lifelong best friends. You’ll sign a lease for the summer with them in Newport, and with it all the anxiety about going back to a small town without them will dissipate. Your boyfriend will get a job in Newport, and you’ll have your first summer together after three years. I know you thought it was too late, that you had to settle for a group of friends that used you and treated you poorly, I know you never felt like they were actually your friends, and you were right, they weren’t. Soon, you’ll have more people who love you and would do anything for you than you ever imagined possible. You’ll cut off more than one dead end, some that you didn’t expect, but you’ll feel so much more free. That thing that you’re worried about having to deal with next year, don’t worry about it. Everything works out the absolute best that it could have for you. Even though you won’t have many classes in person, you’ll still have to wear a mask, social distance, and sometimes it’ll feel like the pandemic will never end, it will. And in the process, you’ll have your absolute favorite year of college even with the pandemic. You’ll feel the most free, the most love, and a huge weight lifted off your chest. You’ll have the most fun, make the most memories, and for the first time in four years, you’ll wish it wasn’t coming to an end so quickly. You’ll be surrounded by the most amazing people you could have asked for, who love you for you and support you no matter what.

You’ll graduate with the people you love most. You’ll have an amazing summer with them. You’ll go on to graduate school in your favorite city with your favorite person. You will be the most blessed you’ve ever been; the happiest you’ve ever been.