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Letter from the Future

Dear Alix

April 6, 2020

Dear Alix,

            Hi this is Alix from the future. You will NEVER believe what is happening right now in 2020. First of all, I would just like to say wow I am so jealous. Although school wasn’t great this semester at least you got to finish it and enjoy what Salve has to offer when it is warm, and you met a cool friend at the end of the year that has great potential to be a really close friend. Im saying this because you may have had a sucky semester this year, but you have summer, along with an amazing first semester of junior year filled with new amazing friends, parties, ceramics and ok grades. This semester was taken away from us swiftly as the Coronavirus swept the world and took everything away from us within days. Currently you are probably on a boat with Matt and Paul, Tim and Liv, Kenny Chesney is blasting, the sun is shining and your tan and happy living your best life in a bikini, happy and carefree. Soak it up sister because within months just when its going to get to summer your world will be ripped out from under you. Everything that you are looking forward to, cancelled. Second semester junior year it was supposed to get warm, I have Loren now who’s one of my best friends, I was doing amazing in all my classes, it was getting warm enough to start the warm weather bucket list for Salve, the daffodils were blooming and then all of a sudden one week we were hearing about a Coronavirus in China, and the next week I was being evacuated out of my Dorm, leaving all my belongings behind besides for the essentials I quickly packed for the three weeks they said we will be evacuated for to our home towns. Now it has been three weeks and salve is now a distance memory. All colleges have been cancelled and have switched to online schooling which sucks and is stressful to keep track of all the 10000 of emails and assignments that pile in. All restaurants, bars, parks, zoo, malls, movie theaters, anything you name it have been shut down buy the government. People are walking around with face masks and rubber surgical gloves. There is not a paper good of paper towels, napkins, tissue paper or toilet paper in sight. Shelves at the grocery store are empty and we are ordered to stay inside otherwise. I brought home two pairs of sweatpants and two sweatshirts and have been living in them back and forth because all the rest of my clothes are at salve. You turn on the tv 100 more people died. All that you ever here are corona. We can’t see our friends, family or loved ones that don’t live in our household to stay safe in not getting the virus. People are saying it is like an apocalypse. It’s insane, we are scheduled to stay put in our house till the end of April but now they are saying we may not be allowed out till maybe June. It’s crazy and everything is uncertain, thinking about possibly not having a summer with your friends living life is a scary thought. All I want to do is hug my friends and go sit in a restaurant, two things that sound very normal that is now against the law. Don’t take this summer for granted Alix and enjoy Salve because it will all soon be taken away.

Stay safe and enjoy life as it is in the moment.

Your future self in quarantine,