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One Year Later

Dear Abby

Dear Past Self, 

Hey! How are you doing? I wanted to know how life is treating you right now because, oh boy, it’s about to get pretty weird. The pandemic really picks up, or well, COVID-19, does and you are really going to be bored once it does. Quarantine happens, and it still is happening and no one really knows when it’s going to end but we all kind of just hope that it will soon.

You are going to be watching a lot of netflix and youtube and stuff. You do get a nintendo switch though, so that’s something to look forward to. You play a lot of random games with people online, so make sure you practice so you don’t get trashed too hard by them. 

Oh another thing that is pretty fun to look forward to is this pretty huge snowstorm coming up in the winter. You’re going to be home for it, but we get around 30 inches I’m pretty sure. It’s honestly super fun. Make sure to make a snowman or something, or play with the dog outside. She might get kinda lost in the snow since it is much taller than her but it’ll be pretty funny. 

Around this time sort of too, you get a winter job with mom at her work. It’s honestly pretty fun, but you do have to wear jeans everyday which kinda sucks. But, you get paid a good amount and can use that for whatever you want! The work isn’t too bad either, it is really just fulfilling orders online unless they need you for something else. Everyone is pretty nice there so that’s super cool. You also get a lot of work done there, so it’s really helpful for the others working there as well. Be careful though, because everytime you’re on the floor you do manage to hit a display bed with your leg every time for some reason. It leaves you with a pretty bad bruise. 

You have a lot to look forward to, so don’t worry too much about quarantine. Okay?   


Your future self