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Shelter in Place

Daniel O

Voluntarily Captive

  1. I stress over math homework questions that I was never given further explanation for.
  2. I doodle on a coffee stained scratch piece of paper full of equations.
  3. I wonder how long it’ll take me to clean my desk of all the notebooks and texts I’d never bothered to reorganize
  4. I listen to music out loud instead of with headphones in, because my roommates aren’t here to complain about it.
  5. I text my boyfriend who lives in Rhode Island that I’ll call him in ten minutes

Another Wednesday

  1. I Eat dinner in an oddly empty dining hall 30 minutes before close so I’m guaranteed a good seat.
  2. I drink coffee that tastes like dishwater past 4 PM.
  3. I take the cold, scenic route on the cliff walk on my way back from class.
  4. I finish up my closing shift at the coffee shop downtown.
  5. I hang out and do homework with my boyfriend before heading back to my dorm.