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To All of our City Outfitters Shoppers,

We miss you! We take our role as a well respected clothing company very seriously, and therefore have not stopped putting in our tremendous efforts to help our customers during this time of crisis. We are here to assure you that City Outfitters is doing everything possible to keep our staff and customers safe during COVID-19. The stores will be closed until it is safe to open, and you may experience 5-7 delays on any online orders, as shipping and processing takes much longer with our safety precautions. However, our team has been brainstorming new products that are not only stylish, but will keep you safe. This summer’s dress and top collections will have a built in mask, that extends up from the straps and around your head. We are using your fears to create fashion, and we could not be more excited to release what’s in store. These will retail between $89.99-149.99. In addition to this, we will be selling individual masks, in many of our well known patterns and fabrics; they will retail for $49.99 a mask. We want you to know that the entire staff of City Efforts has our customers in our best interest. 

Stay safe out there and use Code: CoronaCutie, for 2% off your online order of $200.00 or more.


City Outfitters