Alix H

Quarantine: Mon/Wed Wake up to my Alexa playing work from home as my alarm Brush my hair for my 9am class I will be attending from bed Fall back to sleep because wow class takes a lot of energy 12pm wake back up and go to the kitchen for brunch Around 1pm I attend class […]

Ava L

Stuck on Treeland Road 11:00am: I rolled out of bed and stood up on the soft carpet, surprised my feet touched the ground faster than usual. 11:30am: I take a shower and and throw my clothes in the hamper not knowing when I will get to wear them again because my mom controls the laundry […]

Maggie P

Quarantine 2020 10:00 a.m. – Wake up and have a bowl of fruit and a cup of hotlemon water.12:00 p.m. – Watch tik toks for 2 hours.2:00 p.m. – Do an online yoga class and then lay on the groundfor a bit.4:00 p.m. – Get ready and head to best friend’s house for somefun quarantine […]

Kylie S

Freshman Year Quarantine  I woke up practically falling off my bed because of my dogs taking up more than half of it. My sister Caitlin offered to make scrambled eggs this morning, which I initially turned down but quickly realized my mistake. The eggs were the best I’ve ever had, better than I could ever […]

Mike G

Junior Year Quarantine I wake up to a disheveled room, a mountain of clothes that’s about to reach its peak a lovely way to start my day  A bowl of fresh honey nut cheerios awaits me as I walk into our horrid bright blue kitchen  I melt into the couch and try to cram in […]

Nick D

Sophomore Year Quarantine Morning Routine: 9:30 am, I Wake up to my pillows and blankets all disheveled from moving in my sleep. After procrastinating by laying in bed for another 45 minutes, I finally get out of bed. Next, I take a hot shower. I alway intend on taking a quick shower, but this never […]

Meagan R

A Regular Monday (Coronavirus Monday) (6:00 am: Thanks, three hour time change, for hating me. Perché ho scelto una scuola della costa orientale?) 7:30 am: Immediately get anxiety from the sweet, calming sound of my alarm. (8:00 am: Writing notes until my hand cramps like it did during the AP tests.) 9:00 am: Try to […]

Lindsey C

A.M-Present Look for motivation to part from my bed Leave immediately before gravity pulls me back to my sheets Head downstairs for a half cup of coffee infused with caffeine and energy that will be confined to my house anyway Pop open my laptop and search for something—anything to do Get distracted by editing old […]

Katy C

Pre-quarantine schedule A.M. List 1. Wake up on the comfy bed in my dorm and light streaming in through the window, checking my phone first thing to see if I have any messages from anyone and to message my boyfriend. 2. Pack the books I need for my classes which are organized instead of strewn […]

Jade D

Tuesday 8:30am Alarm #1 goes off. Snooze. 9:00am Alarm #2 goes off. Snooze. 10:00am Alarm #3 goes off. I roll over and grab my phone and aimlessly scroll through social media for far too long considering I ignored my first two alarms. 10:30am (approximately) I exclaim, “oh shit!” when I notice the time (yes, this […]