Robbie W

Regular Day: Wake up at 10:00 Shower, eat a bagel, go to class 11-12:15- Creative Writing 12:15-12:30- Walk across campus, catch up with friends 12:30-1:45: Urban America 1:45-2:15: Rush to finish homework before class 2:15-3:30: SCD Class 3:30-3:45: Sit on the couches in McAuley and wish I could go home 3:45-5:00: The Harlem Renaissance 5:00-6:00: […]

Bobby O

Quarantine Xbox has intruded my daily routine. Stress creeps in as I find myself catching up on work. Netflix serves as a constant distraction. Playing basketball with my brothers feeds my competitive spirit. Working out does the same as I imagine a future of success. Eating is a bit more frequent than normal. What I […]

Emily Ga

April 1, 2020 Quarantined 10:00am- I roll out of bed to “go” to class; my back has stopped aching since I got home. 12:30pm- We take the dog for a walk. I say “we” because all of us are holed up at home now—my mom, my sister, and me. My dog thinks we are home […]

Olivia S

Olivia St Jean 9am Wake up naturally by natural light. Flipping eggs at work since 8am. 9:15am Check my phone and text my mom. Still cooking at work. 9: 30am  Rise from my cloud of a bed and throw on soft cotton. Still at work. Head downstairs, brush teeth slowly, wash face gently, moisturize skin […]

Anjali G

​Quarantine To Do I logged on to WebX to be greeted by familiar faces that felt incredibly distant. I walked around Touro park but I could not stop to pet the dogs, I only could smell the roses. Continuously told myself I’d read a book for fun but tiktok is glued to my mind. Given the […]

Maxx C

Quarantine List: Wake up super late around 11 am(on days I don’t have class). Eat breakfast/lunch Check canvas for work I have to do Most days I’ll have classwork or class and I do that first thing in the morning. Once school is done I’ll play Fortnite with Brett and Kevin. Make a snack and […]

Brittany P

Things I’m Doing Now  I work out in the living room instead of the gym.  I bake brownies in the oven I scroll through Tik Tok and take videos of myself doing the dances or follow recipes that I come across. I switch through the same 4 apps on my phone for hours. I take […]

Trevor J

9 – I woke up, early for me during this quarantine, with the hope of going for a run before breakfast. For some reason, I struggle to get out of bed at home (perhaps it is due to my completely open schedule), so I turned to my phone to help my eyes get acclimated. An […]

Daniel O

Voluntarily Captive I stress over math homework questions that I was never given further explanation for. I doodle on a coffee stained scratch piece of paper full of equations. I wonder how long it’ll take me to clean my desk of all the notebooks and texts I’d never bothered to reorganize I listen to music […]

Justin K

Crabtree Lane Quarantine  Wake up in my oddly satisfying cold bedroom. Go on my phone for about 30 minuets, and look at nothing important. Go down stairs, and pet my two puppies Jake and Gigi Either go get a coffee, or make one.  Eat breakfast, usually eggs of some sort. Log into my computer and […]