Juliana’s Ode to Quarantine

Ode to Quarantine Here, among the shelter of my youth, a four-walled hideaway filled with time capsules of long- held memories, a place that guards us from the outside world. Surrounded by headlines from glowing television screens, wearisome faces of family members, blue gloves and thick masks— physical barriers, the absence of touch. Untorn ticket […]


Here, among the imperial gardens, The cherry blossoms and the Lilly pads, The cranes and bamboo. The scroll embossed with the Majesty of the paper pagoda. The elephant with its hypnotizing Army of suns. Marching. Surrounded by the fresh baked Aroma of peanut butter cookies. The melting Lighthouse, With its sapphire glow. Surrounded by the […]

Sarah’s Ode to Quarantine

Ode to Quarantine Here, among the beige walls, this large cell that entraps me, a room that faces east is my new safe zone now. Surrounded by vibrant colored sticky notes with endless tasks scribbled, empty Gatorade bottles, and my cat’s constant purring. I cannot escape the news no matter how hard I try— statistic […]

Ava’s Ode to Quarantine

Here among the bland earth toned walls, the sunken in brown couch which wrapps the whole room, the dimly lit lamp with a slightly cocked brim only making it more dim, the dusty green ball that lay under the deep red chair, discarded by the dog who found and shiny new toy Surrounded by the […]

Ashley’s Ode to Quarantine

Here, with all my family under one roof in the first time in years, two pups Lyla and Loki, a deadly invisible germ haunts my everyday thoughts and lifestyle, determining my future, I thought I had known just two months ago. Surrounded by, The door that opens at least 100 times a day, filled with […]

Olivia’s Ode to Quarantine

Here, among the four walls of my bedroom, windows bring in light or the sound of rain, sweatpants lay about, my beauty products remain closed, and my shoes long to be filled. Surrounded by the quietness of my quaint apartment, unfamiliar smells of new recipes, the television on as white noise, and the wind rattling […]

Anjali’s Ode to Quarantine

Here among the dying plants, beat up skateboard, and dirty clothes, in a purple house on the street corner. Surrounded by nothingness. No one by my side to comfort me through this pandemic. Not even a cat. Only you. Haunting my every step. Watching and waiting until I make one wrong move. –Anjali

Lindsey’s Ode to Quarantine

Ode to Quarantine Here, among the letters of my keyboard I talk, forgetting to click unmute my lips ramble wearing Chapstick Hoop earrings, hair tie, blouse on top—the tip of the iceberg Pink pajama shorts below, Mismatched socks, two left feet Out of sight Surrounded by pixels Too small for the eye Big enough for […]

Nick’s Ode to Quarantine

Here, among the bedroom I have grown up in, lies a deep blue rug in the midst of a dark brown floor as if it were the ocean meeting up against land. Surrounded by overcast grey walls it seems that my bedroom has become my world. Only you have been able to take away the […]

Kylie’s Ode to Quarantine

Here, among the star-spangled tablecloth of my kitchen, baby-blue walls, granite counter tops, stark black picture frames, and ivory door trim. Surrounded by black and tan giants, a 13-year-old agitating boy, and a blonde sorority-loving sister. As well as, a work-centered, impatient mother. Only you, can take away what I loved most. Only you, can […]