Dear Ava

Dear Ava,         All of this quarantine stuff has been kind of crazy. Last summer you were a counselor at the barn doing pony camp which you have been doing for pretty much every summer your whole life. You were hanging out with your friends and being able to go pretty much anywhere […]

Dear Olivia

Dear Olivia, I apologize for the inconvenience of the timing of this letter. I know you’re always busy in August, getting ready for your season to start. This will be your last summer cut early and I’m sure you’re feeling bittersweet about that. I’m sure you’re on your way to work or just got home. […]

Dear Lindsey

Dear Lindsey, Lindsey, I’m writing to you from the future. I’m just a year ahead of you in 2020. Yes, the big year that everyone has been anticipating. I know, you’re probably skeptical of this. If I had to guess, you’re probably sitting at the counter writing, or stressing about senior project with your best […]

Dear Anjali

Dear Anjali, I know you’re busy having the best summer of your life right now. Biking 10 miles a day with your summer camp kids and working the Newport farmers markets. Getting home and going to the bars or on adventures with Amira, Rachel, Joe and Jamie. Surfing before the sun has fully risen and […]

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah, Summer 2019 is starting to come to an end, which is totally fine because it’s about time to hit the books again and get back to Salve. Being home has been nice, but school has always been your escape. Right now you’re really looking forward to co-teaching your first FYT course—it’s going to […]

Dear Alix

April 6, 2020 Dear Alix,             Hi this is Alix from the future. You will NEVER believe what is happening right now in 2020. First of all, I would just like to say wow I am so jealous. Although school wasn’t great this semester at least you got to finish it and enjoy what Salve […]

Dear Trevor

Trevor, Things seem great right now, I know. Newport in the summer. Another world. As things are wrapping up at the Hall of Fame for the summer, remember there are a lot worse things than tough bosses. Going to tournament dinners and parties at members’ mansions and restaurants around town is not normal, so enjoy it […]

Dear Brittany

Dear Brittany,  You are probably just coming inside from your daily tanning on the deck, or maybe you moved to the driveway today to soak up every ray of sunshine that you could. You might be putting the towels you used into the laundry basket and hopping into the shower, checking out your new tanlines […]

Dear Justin

Dear Justin, It’s Friday, you are probably already up early at work. Even though you probably hate life because you are sweating your ass off, you are looking forward to going out with your friends tonight, after you go to the gym. Well it may seem like another day for you, enjoy it. enjoy being […]