Dear Robbie

Dear Robbie, Right now you have just finished lunch at camp, and are sitting on the couch in H.Q. You probably have camper or two to go check in on. I’m sure at this point you are tired and fed up. Just cruising through the end of a difficult summer. I am going to urge […]

Dear Lauren

Dear Self, If this letter reaches you correctly in August 2019, you are probably busy with getting ready to work as a restaurant host at the Crowne Plaza. As you dress in that monochrome black uniform, you are instantly dreading the summer heat that overshadows your fifteen minute walk to your workplace. The biggest worries […]

Dear Ally

Dear Ally, I know you probably just got home from work, and you’re tired and want to do nothing at all, but don’t. I know you have to get up early tomorrow morning to babysit, but don’t turn off your phone. I know you don’t really want to hang out with your best friend right […]

Dear Daniel

Dear Daniel You’re probably freaking out right now about school. You’re also probably planning an end of the year get together with your friends, trying to see everyone before you leave. Either way, you don’t know what you should be freaking out about until it’s too late. You’re probably sorting anxiously through all the new […]

Dear Katy

Dear Katy, You have probably just finished taking your finals and are now packing up your things, making sure nothing is left behind – although you did forget your socks and had to turn around, don’t forget those this time. As you sit in the passenger seat of the car and stare out at the […]

Dear Kylie

Dear Kylie, I hope this letter reaches you in time, I know you’re super busy getting everything ready for Salve and you did just get back from your trip with the trio. I know you’re thinking that you won’t have that much fun at school but trust me, you love it. Fall semester is amazing, […]

Dear Juliana

Dear Juliana, I hope you are having the time of your life. You’ve just come home from a summer study abroad term in Oxford where you met some of the most wonderful people, and now you’re probably lounging on the beach beside your best friends. I already know you tried to savor every bit of […]

Dear Ashley

Dear Ashley, It’s 9am and if you’re lucky, you have today off. I knew living in Newport over the summer would be the best summer of your life. You’re about to head over to Rodgers and workout in the gym. After a nice 1-2 hour workout, you head home to Grafton street to see which […]

Dear Emily

Dear Emily, I know that summer 2019 didn’t start in the best way (don’t focus too long on that unanswered text message, because it’s out of your hands), but there’s a lot to look forward to. And you should look forward to it; as I write you this letter, the world is dealing with something […]

Dear Meagan

Hey Meagan,             It’s currently a year in the future, which makes me more knowledgeable than you, so don’t be so stubborn and listen up. There’s going to be a huge virus pandemic starting its effect on your life in March, and your only contact with the outside world will be with the sandpipers on […]