Dear Taylor

Dear Taylor, It’s a Tuesday, but it’s also summer so days don’t actually matter. You’re probably out on the lake relaxing on the boat with a sweatshirt on as your burn from the day begins to get chilly in the cool night air. It’s a little after 5:30 so the sun is setting, everyone has […]

Dear Maxx

Dear 2019 Maxx,  It is late August where you are and you are probably getting ready for the fall at Salve. No way, you are already a sophomore! Crazy to think, right? I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything but I have bad news for you that will definitely be a burden […]

Dear Bobby

Dear Bobby, What I would do to let you know how lucky you are right now. I know you’re probably shooting hoops in the driveway or sitting inside enjoying the A/C, but listen to me. Go hang out at Jake’s, go swimming, take car rides with Cam along the beach, and see the people you […]

Dear Emily

Dear (July 2019) Emily, It’s April 2020 Emily. I’m writing this apocalyptic letter from the future as a warning. Enjoy the sun, enjoy our friends, and enjoy everything that is innocently open and ready for business, because a big one is coming your way. I’m imagining that you’re in Florida with mom and dad right […]

Dear Alex

April 25, 2020 Dear Alex, You are celebrating a new beginning. Something that you have worked for and waited for is now in motion. Graduate School. You are high on the memories of your first residency. 10 days of immersion in all things literary and a mentorship just begun. It’s real and will be your […]

Dear Tommie

My Dear One, You are having a remarkable summer and your life seems rich, full and complete. It is well. There you are driving back from your residency program where you met so many engaged, thoughtful and interesting people. You made a good choice. And the writing piece you delivered, it was so well received. […]

Dear Brooksie

Dear Brooksie of 2019, I’m watching you, right now, through the eyes of memory. You’re walking backwards towards me across the landscape of our life. You’re blind to me, to each moment ahead of you, to each step before you take it. But to you, I’m mute. I can wave my arms and shout, but […]

Dear Marissa

Dear Marissa, Right now, you are sitting on a rock by the water. You are near, almost under, a big frond like plant you can’t identify. There is a walking path nearby, worn to dirt by feet. You are on your first big girl vacation, the first trip you’ve taken without a goal in mind. […]

Dear Amanda

22 April 2020 Dear Amanda, It’s Friday and you are driving around in the car aimlessly. The “love of your life” just broke up with you over the phone, when all you asked for was some company on what would’ve been your dad’s 57th birthday. Today’s going to be hard, and unfortunately, it is going […]

Dear Tom

Dear Tom: You are probably planning to visit Justin’s grave later today. I imagine it’s been a tough week, like 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, back to back. What would have been his sixteenth birthday and then, today, four days later another memory. Three years from that awful night. It gets easier after today, at least […]