Justin’s Quarantine Index

Number of times I moved to a different house/apartment: 4 Percentage of those times I have done it alone: 100% Number of Netflix series finished: 8 Percentage of series finished in less than a week: 25% Number of runs I went on: 17 Number of times I went golfing: 21 Percentage of those times the […]

Kaylie’s Quarantine Index

Number of my family members that have disturbed my school work: 4 Number that have done so by construction work: 1 Number that have done so by walking in my room unannounced: 3 Number of Strawberries eaten: 100 Average number of seeds on each strawberry: 200 Average number of strawberry seeds consumed: 200,000 Quantity of […]

Maggie’s Quarantine Index

Average number of hours spent on my phone per day: 5 Average number of hours spent on social networking applications: 3 Number of books read since March: 0 Average number of white claws consumed every weekend since March: 12 Number of bottles of moscato consumed: 4 Average number of trips to the liquor store per […]

Ava’s Quarantine Index

 Number of times I have left the house this week: 3 Percent of times leaving the house to get mail: 75 Number of hours of TV I have watched in a week: 28 Portion of hours spent repeating the same episode of Game of Thrones because it was too confusing: 7 Number of times my […]

Alix’s Quarantine Index

Exact number of days since my first day in quarantine: 57 How many more days I can take: 0 Estimated number of car drives for no reason per week: 13 The amount of those drives that have been for the sunset: 8 Number of drives I’ve been on for birthdays in April: 7 Number of […]

Nick’s Quarantine Index

Average number of hours it takes me to fall asleep : 1.5 Number of times I hit the snooze button from when I wake up to when I actually get out of bed : 5 Average number of water bottles on my night stand on a daily basis : 6 Percentage of those water bottles […]