Dear Brendan

Dear 2020 Brendan, First off, I would like to start out by saying that you will be going through a battle of anxiety and depression. I understand that is a terrible note too start on but the good thing is that you will learn from these experiences and become stronger than you have ever been […]

Dear Julian

Letter to the future You don’t know it yet, but the whole world is going to change very soon. Families won’t be able to see each other anymore, millions of people will unfortunately pass away, and fear is going to be as prevalent as ever. Among the bad things in the world there are always […]

Dear Daniel

Hey, Daniel, You’re not aware of it right now, and you’re probably making a nonfat, no foam, no whip, no fun white hot chocolate latte. Or maybe you’re reading an article that you don’t understand, nor is it a scholarly source, for an essay you finally opened the word document for. Or maybe you’re drinking […]

Dear Katy

Dear Katy from Spring 2020,  You don’t know it yet, but the pandemic isn’t going to be over before the summer comes. I know that right now, you must be thinking that even though this lockdown sucks, you just need to push through to the end of the semester, and then things will return to […]

Five Star

Inspired by the intro to this podcast where everything from a gift card to a ball of yarn received full stars! Review the smallest lows or biggest joys: the blades of grass, the shape of clouds, a shadow, a meal, a bit of architecture, an object, a pattern, the et cetera and the stuff of […]