And the Great World Spins

At the height of the deadly pandemic, nature seems all the more quietly determined to affirm the resilience of life — spring arrives with its irrepressible bursts of beauty, untrammeled by human suffering and a supreme salve for it. It is by observing nature’s unbidden delirium in its littlest expression, by surrendering to its sweep […]

Dear Maxx

Dear 2019 Maxx,  It is late August where you are and you are probably getting ready for the fall at Salve. No way, you are already a sophomore! Crazy to think, right? I don’t want to rain on your parade or anything but I have bad news for you that will definitely be a burden […]

Avalon Guitar Company

To Our Valued Customers What times we live in. We have seen stores close, businesses shutter, and workers file for unemployment. That’s not to mention the sickness infecting the world around us. Strange, indeed. We at Avalon Guitar Company are doing our best to avoid layoffs for as long as possible. A commitment to our […]

In My Room

Musicians playing for us from their homes More “In My Room” from Rolling Stone Mag Musicians play “The Weight”