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Healthy and Safe Greetings,

As most of you, I spend the day watching the news and keeping a close eye on this pandemic. Our Blorox family hopes you, your family, and your friends are all healthy and staying safe. This is a great opportunity to spend time and really bond with the ones you love. Times are so uncertain right now, but lucky for you, Blorox is here to help you and those people you love. We have been working countless hours to increase our production on our Blorox Blysol wipes, sprays, and other disinfectants.

Not only are we working hard, but we have something special for you! We are excited to announce our new Launch of Blorox Bleach. This is our original formula, because great things don’t need changing, but with a special and FREE care package with each gallon you purchase. Inside you’ll get five clean needles with syringes prefilled with liquid sunlight, five prefilled with humidity, and five prefilled with our very own Blorox Bleach! All included with directions and measurements. As we know recently from our president, sunlight, humidity, and disinfectant have been shown to decrease the lifespan of this virus and we are so excited to help you and your families be the healthiest you can be. Together, we can fight this pandemic, one injection at a time!


The CEO of Blorox