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Shelter in Place

Ava L

Stuck on Treeland Road

11:00am: I rolled out of bed and stood up on the soft carpet, surprised my feet touched the ground faster than usual.

11:30am: I take a shower and and throw my clothes in the hamper not knowing when I will get to wear them again because my mom controls the laundry because of her lack of faith she has in me to not mess up the clothes.

12:00pm: I pull out a pan and crack an egg over it, waiting for my toast to come out.

2:00pm: I turn on a home workout video but quickly hit pause once I look at my yoga mat and realize that my dog had pooped on it.

4:00pm: I log onto my online class and half of it is lost to poor connection.

6:00pm: Go outside and rake the leaves in hopes of escaping the dishes inside.


11:00am: I jumped off my bed and hit the cold tile with great force.

11:30am: I take a shower and throw my clothes in the bin, realizing that I should probably do the laundry tonight.

12:00pm: I walk into Miley, grab a plate and browse my endless options.

2:00pm: I walk into the gym and begin my long workout with no distractions.

4:00pm: I sit in one of my favorite classes that my roommate also has.

6:00pm: Enjoy a long and relaxing dinner with my friends.