The Poetry Shed

A Virtual Classroom
Shelter in Place

Anjali G

​Quarantine To Do

  1. I logged on to WebX to be greeted by familiar faces that felt incredibly distant.
  2. I walked around Touro park but I could not stop to pet the dogs, I only could smell the roses.
  3. Continuously told myself I’d read a book for fun but tiktok is glued to my mind.
  4. Given the task to flood the wellness Instagram page with virtual health.
  5. Soon I will get up and make sweet potato chips fuel my body. 

​If Life Were How It Once Was To Do

  1. ​I would have been greeted by familiar faces and actually felt them there.
  2. I would have done my office hours and aided in student life at Salve.
  3. I would be engaged in Wellness Week and doing an astrology seminar.
  4. I probably still wouldn’t read a book for fun.
  5. Soon I would fuel my body with a salad filled with nuts, berries, and dressing.