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Shelter in Place

Alyssa M

9:30am If I don’t oversleep my first alarm, straighten hair and pack on the makeup to hide that I probably stayed up until 4 or 5 am doing homework

10:00am If I hit snooze every 9 minutes until my second alarm, drag myself out of bed after contemplating why I do this to myself for 20 minutes; do makeup

10:30am If I oversleep my second alarm, Noelle will probably have to wake me up because she’s sick of hearing 9 Crimes by Damien Rice every day for 2 years; at least brush hair??

11:00am Eat Brownie Batter Cliff Bar that Jade says looks like poop in Advanced Creative Writing and wish we were back in Sci-Fi, singing along to High School Musical and Hilary Duff

12:30pm Jane Austen class with a bunch of hockey players who pronounce Colonel how it looks and get second-hand embarrassment

2:15pm Get to the gym with Hannah, blast Motionless In White during weights and watch Murder Mystery Makeup Mondays on bike for the remainder of the hour; wonder why I like shit like that

3:30pm Get back to 87 Vic, put fruit and yogurt in blender and blend it while I run to my room and change; bring smoothie to The Harlem Renaissance that’s at 3:45pm

6:00pm Take out chicken to defrost because Hannah has night class, Noelle will probably go to Miley with the Rugby girls, and I honestly don’t know if Nicky has anything else besides cream of mushroom and oatmeal

8:00pm Watch Love Island with Noelle and scream every time Curtis does that thing with his eyebrows

10:00pm Go to lib to work on thesis; meet Jade there; order a large coffee and listen to Tammy from Starbucks remind me of that time I got caffeine poisoning

1:00am Get kicked out of the lib and sit in Jade’s car until 4am, talking about boys, life choices, and stories that would make for good writing

4:00am Finally call it a night; think our room is on fire for a split second because of Hannah’s speaker, have a mini heart attack, and try not to wake the girls as I crawl into bed; fall asleep to Noelle and Nicky’s snoring and Hannah’s creepy music but be grateful that they’re there